Forward.Together: Connecting Philanthropy with Indigenous Communities

Continuing the Conversation

Greetings to all our valued attendees and participants of the Forward.Together: Connecting Philanthropy with Indigenous Communities gathering. We came together in Fredericton, NB, from October 17-19, 2023, uniting diverse voices, to strengthen the ties between philanthropy and Indigenous communities.

This space has been created as a continuation of our collective journey. Here, you’ll find resources, memorable moments, and tools to keep our conversation and collaboration thriving. Whether you’re seeking to revisit the insights shared, connect with fellow participants, or immerse yourself in the captured memories, you’re in the right place.

Explore below to download the presentation materials, view event photos, and engage with the connections form. Let’s carry forward the spirit of unity, understanding, and collective growth.

Looking Back


Thank you for being part of our transformative gathering. Here, you’ll find Richard’s insightful slide deck – a vital piece from our event that we believe holds valuable wisdom for continuous learning. Let it serve as a reminder of our collective discussions and aspirations, as we move forward in our shared journey towards fostering deeper, decolonized connections between philanthropy and Indigenous communities.


Nurturing Bonds: A Forward Together 2023 Circle of Connection

We’re eager to foster the relationships and connections made during our time together. To help facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration, we’re creating a connections list. By filling out this form, you give us permission to include your details on this list, which will be shared exclusively with fellow attendees who opt in.

Please provide your details below if you’re interested in staying connected with your fellow participants:

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