The Foundation can work with businesses, other organizations, individuals, and families to achieve their philanthropic goals.

There are six types of funds available to benefit Indigenous Qualified Donees (communities and charitable organizations), so there are lots of options to work together.

Please contact us to discuss these options in more detail.

  • Scholarship Funds: The Foundation will work to support a wide range of Indigenous educational initiatives in the Atlantic region. It will also create a General Scholarship Fund to provide assistance to students pursuing post-secondary educational and training opportunities. Donors can contribute to the General Scholarship Fund or contribute to a scholarship fund created specifically to their field of study, community or other wishes. For example, the Dr. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund could be established to support Indigenous students pursuing a career in healthcare, or the Jones Engineering Company Fund could support students in that field.
  • Donor Designated Funds: Donors wishing to support specific Indigenous Qualified Donees in perpetuity can choose to create this type of fund. The donations are permanently invested, with a portion of the returns granted to the Qualified Donee the donor identifies when the fund is established. Donations of this type continue to support good works indefinitely.
  • Donor Advised Funds: These donations are also permanently invested, with a portion of the returns made available for granting to the Qualified Donees the donor chooses each year. This type of fund allows donors to actively engage in grant-making decisions and to pursue a wide range of opportunities and needs.
  • Field of Interest Funds: This type of fund allows donors to support an area of activity of particular interest to them, such as child or elder care, entrepreneurship, ecological projects, the arts or health. Donations are permanently invested, with a portion of the returns granted by the Foundation as part of its Community Granting program each year.
  • Long-term Funds: These are different from endowment funds, where the donations are permanently invested. With Long-term Funds, a portion of the capital is also used on an annual basis for granting purposes so that the fund is eventually all granted in accordance with the donor’s wishes. Grants from capital are made for at least a 10-year term. A Long-term Fund may be set up as a Donor Advised, Donor Designated, or Field of Interest Fund.
  • Pass-through Funds: This type of fund enables a donor to make a contribution and provide advice on the subsequent disbursement to Qualified Donees within the following 12-month period.