Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation (Primary)

Strengthening the relationship between Canada's philanthropic sector and the Indigenous Communities of Atlantic Canada

For the philanthropic sector and the communities to work together more constructively, there is a need to build new relationships, understanding, co-operation, and infrastructure.

Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation hosted its inaugural Forward. Together. Connecting Philanthropy with Indigenous Communities gathering in Fredericton, NB from October 17-19, 2023. We were honored to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds to strengthen relationships, deepen understanding, and foster collaboration between philanthropy and Indigenous communities. Relive the moments and revisit the insights from this transformative event.

Forward.Together: Connecting Philanthropy with Indigenous Communities
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Our Mission

To take a leadership role in closing the gap between the philanthropic sector and Indigenous Communities. As chiefs and leaders, it is our goal to create new funds, pursue investment opportunities, and increase public understanding of the opportunities for Indigenous Communities and philanthropy.

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