Transforming Philanthropy, Empowering Communities

Join the Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation in driving change and fostering progress within Indigenous Communities of Atlantic Canada. Your contribution today creates a lasting impact for tomorrow, helping to forge a future where cultural heritage is preserved, opportunities are expanded, and community resilience is strengthened.

Our Mission

The Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation is dedicated to bridging the gap between the philanthropic sector and Indigenous Communities. We focus on fostering collaboration, understanding, and shared goals, empowering leaders and communities to create impactful funds and investment opportunities.

Our mission extends beyond immediate needs, aiming to enhance public understanding and involvement for long-term, sustainable growth in Indigenous Communities.

Giving Tuesday: November 28, 2023

This Giving Tuesday, embrace the opportunity to be part of something truly transformative. Your donation is more than a contribution; it’s a powerful statement of support and solidarity.

On November 28, every gift you make amplifies our collective voice, fortifying our initiatives in vital areas that demand attention and care. Together, we stand at the forefront of meaningful change, addressing critical needs and nurturing growth within our communities. Let’s unite in this journey of giving, making a significant and lasting difference, together.

Major Areas of Giving

Every contribution to the Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation supports a wide range of charitable activities. From educational programs to environmental conservation, your generosity plays a pivotal role in our ongoing success and community development. Below are our currently active funds.

Wolastoqey Language Fund

Your support helps preserve and revitalize the Wolastoqey language in New Brunswick, fostering a stronger cultural identity and continuity for future generations.

Genevieve Francis Memorial Fund

Honor the memory of Genevieve Francis by contributing to initiatives that empower and support our communities, continuing her spirit of giving and community involvement.

ITP L'Nu Scholarship Fund

Help us to provide financial assistance to Indigenous students from Atlantic Canada, with the aim of helping them pursue post-secondary education via scholarships, bursaries, and more.

Our sister company, Ulnooweg Education Centre, is also a registered charity. If you prefer to donate to support Indigenous education in STEAM or to protect and support Land-Based Learning, please see below. 

Let's Heal the Hemlocks

Join us in our efforts to conserve and protect the Hemlocks at Asitu’lisk, a crucial part of our natural heritage and an important resource for our Indigenous communities.

Science & Innovation

The Ulnooweg Education Centre continues to impact the lives of youth across our regions. Your donation directly supports educational program initiatives and materials that will contribute to positive change in our communities