Forward.Together: Connecting Philanthropy with Indigenous Communities

Forward.Together: Connecting Philanthropy with Indigenous Communities

A Transformative Gathering


September 5, 2023 (Fredericton, NB) – Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation will hold its inaugural event, Forward.Together: Connecting Philanthropy with Indigenous Communities at the Fredericton Convention Centre in New Brunswick.

This event is designed to provide philanthropy and Indigenous communities a nexus for strengthening relationships, understanding, and cooperation in an era of collaboration and mutual understanding.

A variety of panel discussions and industry-experienced professionals will be featured at the gathering. There will be comprehensive workshops on navigating the philanthropic landscape from an Indigenous perspective. In addition to building capacity, attendees will be able to cultivate genuine connections with leaders from both sectors by understanding how to access philanthropic avenues. A wide range of keynote speakers, panels, and working groups will be featured at the gathering, including performances by Indigenous artists, Natalie Sappier and Matt Comeau.

Attendees from philanthropic organizations interested in learning more about Indigenous communities are invited to register. The philanthropic realm requires good representation from Indigenous communities and organizations who wish to build their capacity or learn more about it. “Increasingly, organizations and stakeholders are interested in making an impact on Indigenous communities and developing relationships. This gathering will provide the steppingstones to get there and build on those relationships to bring more opportunities to the table,” explains Christopher Googoo, Ulnooweg’s Chief Operating Officer.

The confirmed speakers will include leaders who are changing the way Indigenous philanthropy is done and will discuss the needs and understanding of both the philanthropic industry and Indigenous communities. Featured speakers like Lisa Perley Dutcher, who will share her efforts to preserve the Wolastoq language through the Kehkimin Wolastoqey Language Immersion School. Other insightful speakers include:

  • Emily Cabrera of First People’s Cultural Foundation, discussing challenges, successes, and personal experiences in language revitalization.
  • Erica McClosky of the Mastercard Foundation, will lead a session on education’s role in narrowing the gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.
  • Jesse Simon of Martin Family Initiative, will provide insight into the educational journeys of Indigenous youth.
  • Odile Joannette from the Canada Council for the Arts, will explore the profound connections between the arts, culture, and Indigenous identity.
  • And many more.

A key objective of this gathering is to strengthen relationships, deepen understanding, and explore the endless possibilities of collaborations between the philanthropic sector and Indigenous communities for social change, understanding, and community building.

There is a limited number of spaces available, so interested parties should secure their spots as soon as possible. Registration details can be found at:

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