New Funding for Indigenous Communities and Youth in Atlantic Canada

The Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation (“UICF”) is pleased to announce new funding to help the Indigenous communities and youth in Atlantic Canada.

Through a partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, and a generous grant to UICF under its COVID Recovery and Resilience Program, a total of $200,000 is available to be granted to Indigenous communities that are qualified donees, or to charities or other eligible organizations that serve our communities.

Mastercard Foundation is a world leader in providing programs and services to help children and youth access education and understand and utilize technology. This includes overcoming barriers to connectivity, ensuring continuity of learning, and supporting emotional and mental wellness in these difficult times. 

This new funding can be used for two types of activity:

1. implementation of community connectivity subsidy programs to pay for internet costs and/or provide tablets and other technology for the education of students who cannot access the internet due to financial barriers;


2. to provide mental health and wellness supports to youth in this crisis.

If your community or organization needs help with such work, please click here to apply now .

To reach a large number of communities, we anticipate making grants of $5,000 to $15,000 each. Larger grants will be considered if they will benefit significant numbers of children and youth.   

Our first grant decisions will be made based on expressions of interest received by 2:00 pm on April 22. If you cannot meet that deadline, there will be later rounds, so please submit when you can.  

Please review the information in the links below to see if your community is listed as a qualified donee or whether your organization is a registered charity.