RBC Future Launch Community Challenge

As a part of the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge, grants have been made to youth-led projects in 150 small and medium-sized communities across Canada. The goal of the program is to shift the power to young leaders making positive social or environmental change in their communities while gaining valuable skills and experience.

 The RBC Foundation and the Communities Foundations of Canada partnered with the Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation (UICF) to provide funding of up to $15,000 to youth applicants in eight Indigenous communities across Atlantic Canada.

“There are big challenges in the world and the youth are taking initiative to lead.”

– Chris Googoo, Executive Director of UICF

Eskasnoni First Nation, NS (Bree Menge and Megan Gillis)
Their project “Our Eskasoni Cares” addresses barriers resulting from a lack of resources for personal care and hygiene items. Poverty often requires those affected to make choices between food and other life necessities, making personal care products more of a luxury. This project works to address the poverty impact by providing items to those in need and showing them they are valued by youth in the community.

Millbrook First Nation, NS (Jillisa Nickerson)
Jillisa’s project “Revive Sports and Community” will restore the sports court located behind the Millbrook Youth Centre. Their goal is to get the youth out in a space that promotes physical activity, being in nature, and having an inclusive environment that allows everyone to feel safe and welcomed.

Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation, NS (Drake Farrell)
Drake’s project “M-Power” will provide self-defence classes to women and youth in Paqtnkek and other Indigenous communities throughout Unama’ki, empowering participants with self-defence skills and confidence.

Potlotek First Nation, NS (Kent Denny)
Kent’s project “Pe’klan Api’k” will establish an archery site on Backland Rd., Chapel Island, to encourage youth and community participation in this culturally significant activity. The goals are to increase the uptake of the sport and to promote social inclusion. The project will encourage youth and community residents to spend more time outdoors, which is beneficial to their health and well-being.

We’koqma’q First Nation, NS (Rayana Googoo)
Rayana’s project “Youth Skills Development” will provide workshops and training on basic life skills such as cooking, financial management, traditional land-based knowledge, sewing, crafting, hunting and fishing, and employment skills.